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"Come on board" a fabulous Caribbean voyage.... the 3rd Week of July 2017!

National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years

My Grand Canyon Last October my opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and a few other wonderful sites in the western part of the country came along through a friend. My friend wanted to go see grown kids and grandchildren via automobile along the southern and northern driving routes from Kansas City to California. This was a spur of the moment type of travel, but it was worth the last minute scramble to get everything together. We had an adventure I’ll never forget! After many hours in the car and a few pit stops at some dubious rest areas, we…

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Historic American Rivers

Back in the day when my world was small and mostly occupied by people I knew, I was fascinated with the river. As a youth, I remember feeling the water rushing past and my older brother hoping to launch a raft of his own. He wanted to participate in a raft float trip along the Alabama River. I would’ve joined him on the river any time he wanted to launch a raft. Of course, back in those days I couldn’t swim and he couldn’t get permission from our parents. Then in my early adult years, we boated up the river…

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Easter Island or Robinson Crusoe Island

Easter this year brings to mind many things including tropical destinations like Easter Island. Chile claims two islands, Easter and Robinson Crusoe, as options to destination travelers seeking experiences for nature lovers, adventurers, snorkelers and scuba divers, as well as cultural diversity interested people. Comparing both islands you’ll find several similarities, but mostly differences. Each island boasts a unique presence in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to unique histories, both islands offer incredible cuisines, sites to behold, and require a plane ride from the mainland. Starting with discovery, the islands offer quite different experiences for visitors. Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeween…

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Most Popular Cruise Port Destination in the World

With more than four million visitors annually, Cozumel Island intrigues me as a possible destination in the Caribbean. As the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel attracts visitors looking for spectacular coral reefs and turquoise water of exceptional clarity in this hemisphere. Jacques Cousteau created a documentary in 1961 causing divers worldwide to add Cozumel to their lists of destinations. However, approximately 70% of Cozumel’s visitors are non-divers, but the island keeps those visitors busy with many museums, archaeological sites, and nature. As I look at Cozumel, I see a rich history, natural wonders, and an island vibe that…

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Politically Stable and Connectivity

Just, oh, about 30 seconds ago, my phone made me look at it again! I don’t know when it happened, but sometime between 1985 and 1999 I found myself addicted to technology. Do you remember the first commercial for the flat-panel television? I jumped off the couch and stood in front of the big square box that took up what seemed like half the living room and knew a flat-panel television was in my future. And right about the same time, I was looking at cell phones. You remember! It felt so good to be connected via telephone without that…

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