Use Free Travel Magazines To Help Your Social Life

Big names like National Geographic and Disney to name but two, spend a small fortune putting together magazines meant to inspire travelers with dreams and appreciation for unseen destinations. The photography alone is enough for most people to justify taking a few minutes to browse through the pages. Written by gifted wordsmiths, travel magazines encompass a wide range of diverse interests, geographies, and cultures.

Exotic Topics Make Great Conversation Starters

As it turns out free stuff, like travel magazines, can be a catalyst to some interesting new experiences in life such as great conversation with someone you’d like to get to know…  maybe. All relationships, platonic or otherwise, start somewhere and that’s usually in conversation.

“Use travel magazines to engage people in conversations.”

Everybody’s been to the beach, slept in a hotel, eaten tantalizing desserts, and plenty flew to their destinations. magazinesTravel magazines can help you turn those mundane, everyday conversations about traveling into fascinating words striking the interest of casual listeners. How would you like to turn generalizations about the beach into in-depth conversations about great places to go at a specific beach? Why not turn common experiences into interesting conversation with a few more details ready for recall in the back of your mind?

Explore the world’s destinations through free travel magazines and make a point of learning about the places you’ll visit on the 3rd Week of July. Why not prepare ahead of arrival at your port-of-call ready to enjoy a richer experience by doing some preliminary research? By reading about your expected ports-of-call on the 3rd Week of July, you can design your own unique experience and invite those newfound friends to join in the fun. Everybody wants company.

Be the one who mentions a lesser-known opportunity and establish yourself as somebody with something to say in the group. Travel magazines are a light read with some great details worthy of mention during casual conversation. You’ll find magazines pertaining to food and lodging, nightlife, and points of interest for visitors. Though light reading, most people find that there’s an abundance of information about the culture and vibe of a destination in travel magazines. Choosing how to embrace the culture and enjoy the vibe is the best way to know when to join the shore excursions or pass on them favoring a looser agenda.

Sharing on Social Media Makes You Fun

Perhaps the easiest thing to do with a free travel magazine is to share it. If you share something interesting on social media, you’ve got people looking at your profile. Keep sharing and getting your profile viewed and you’ll be in a new situation before you can say spin the bottle. Curiosity, as they say, killed the cat. People look at the profiles of those with something to share!

Sharing an entire travel magazine is easy, but sharing a bit or piece of it and linking to the travel magazine tells your followers or friends that you’re thinking of them. Share something you find interesting so your friends and followers online can appreciate you in a different light. Share information that touches on current topics or related to people, places, and things in the news. Jump out of the background noise!

Let yourself be fascinated with the beauty of the photography in travel magazines and share those images in your social groups. Point out beauty in the world and let others find goodness in your heart. Mention thrills of adventure and let others know there’s excitement running through your veins. Make their mouths water with images of fine food and drink consumed in every location imaginable.

“If your social media posts and tweets include something of interest, then that makes you interesting and worthy of a profile view.”

You’ll get involved in conversations, grow a larger network of followers and friends, and eventually find yourself invited to live events. Conversations, friends, and live events lead to dating opportunities.

scuba-girlDeveloping Hobbies Beyond Borders Means Interesting

Those delightfully free travel magazines often explore the world through hobbies enjoyed away from home by enthusiasts. That means a good number of featured articles and ad displays are designed to attract a target group of hobbyists. Not surprisingly, many travelers bring newfound hobbies home and look for ways to engage in them locally. For example, scuba diving is often associated around coral reefs and blue waters near islands in the Caribbean, however, a good number of people enjoy scuba diving locally in pools, lakes and rivers.

Try using travel magazines as a resource for identifying potentially interesting hobbies to try or looking for places to enjoy a hobby you already love. By identifying places to go where you can enjoy a current hobby, you’re able to focus on getting there with groups already forming that serve your hobby. If you can get in the right travel group, you’ll enjoy yourself far more than if you go as part of a group that offers little of interest to you.

“Travel presents you with unique opportunities to meet people who would find you fascinating!”

They’re out there and there’s no better way to meet people with common interests than on a leisurely, or not, time away from home. Get away from your thoughts, your people, and your responsibilities so you can simply enjoy the company of someone new who shares a common interest. Then, once in front of someone interesting, be engaging with knowledge. Be well-read, informed, and able to share bits of information in an exchange.

Those free travel magazines, if enjoyed and shared, can lead to a new way of thinking about yourself, your surroundings, your dreams, and the people you want in your life. Why not strike up conversation with someone who looks interesting and see where it goes? Why not be more social on your social media account? Why not go somewhere to do something you want with people who want to do it with you?

Make fun, interesting conversations because you read and share travel magazines!


National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years

My Grand Canyon

GrandCanyonRouteLast October my opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and a few other wonderful sites in the Geri's Grand Canyon Shotswestern part of the country came along through a friend. My friend wanted to go see grown kids and grandchildren via automobile along the southern and northern driving routes from Kansas City to California. This was a spur of the moment type of travel, but it was worth the last minute scramble to get everything together. We had an adventure I’ll never forget!

After many hours in the car and a few pit stops at some dubious rest areas, we finally arrived at the national park. The Grand Canyon was far grander than I had imagined and well worth the extra miles added to the trip. I can’t imagine driving in the general vicinity and passing on the opportunity to see a most wonderful park. Of course, there were touristy type places to eat and shop because of the park, but those places serve as a warning that something worth seeing is around the bend.

And when I say around the bend, I mean around the bend. It felt like 30 miles of driving along a winding road in the desert passing cyclists and family vehicles with mounted luggage racks before seeing evidence of the Grand Canyon. Maybe it wouldn’t have felt so long if I hadn’t experienced the desert climate on a rainy day. My grand canyon visit was a wet one with scattered showers all along the paths and that makes it a special time for me. How many people go to the desert and get soaking wet trying to take a couple of pictures? It was my adventure into the unknown.

Adventures and Exploration

Anybody who loves to travel feels that adrenaline rush when the time to see what you sought out arrives. As a kid I remember riding in the backseat (or should I say the back window) of the car, not appreciating the long, uncomfortable ride to see something significant. However, I did love the adventure and exploring the unknown and still do love laying eyes on something new to me.

For many of us baby boomers, national parks served as vacation spots every summer. Our Geri's Grand Canyon Shotsparents could justify spending their hard-earned money traveling to these destinations because they needed to see where their tax dollars were going. For some travelers, it was the first time they didn’t chart a course to a relative’s house. Many people still insist on the security of camping inside a publicly owned park.

Natural wonders like the Grand Canyon inspired many careers, movies, and lifestyles. It is no wonder we have renowned publications like the National Geographic featuring brilliant photography in our national parks. What would our American lifestyle be without the development of our national parks system? I can’t imagine giving such gorgeous scenery to the eyes of only the fortunate few to purchase and inhabit. Destinations inside our borders, our parks still warrant a drive, a tour, a few days of our time.

100 Year Anniversary

According to the National Park Foundation:

There are 84 million acres of iconic, treasured and sacred places protected in America’s over 400 national parks – and it all belongs to you. This is your land.

A huge amount of public and private resources are used to maintain and improve our Geri's Grand Canyon Shotsnational parks. And the resources of many more people and organizations support the development of historical documents and media associated with the national parks for future generations. PBS does an excellent job of making the history of our national parks interesting through in-depth examinations of the stories behind the people and places associated with the development of our parks. Ken Burns does outstanding work.

August 25, 2016 is the actual date the National Parks Service turns 100. Take some time this year to simply appreciate that notable event. I understand Congress directed the mint to create commemorative coins on December 19, 2014.







There’s no shortage of ideas and work created with the national parks system. We all benefit by making a point of visiting and enjoying at least our own personal favorites. With each visit I pick up another souvenir, generally a piece of jewelry or postcard for my scrapbook. And I always take plenty of pictures.

Tours and Events

In the Brochure Rack on my website, you’ll find several brochures/magazines with our national parks, including a few articles on the Grand Canyon. Help yourself to a brochure. Use the email and sharing functions to give hints to those friends and family that need visual aids. The Brochure Rack is situated on the bottom of my Cruise Planners website home page so you can easily share anytime.

Sometimes the brochures list upcoming events at or near your chosen destinations. Be sure to review Ticket Monster for event tickets. My Cruise Planners website displays the link for tickets on the bottom of the home page next to the brochures.


To be part of our national park’s 100 year celebration, I’ve got some fun things planned. Look for the announcements on Twitter @CruisesByGeri and Facebook /CruisesByGeri where you’ll get the opportunity to share in the fun as well. I’m planning a photo contest with prizes and some fun little games to participate in the celebration. There will be give-a-ways and voting. Come share this once-in-a-lifetime event with me. They made commemorative coins so it’s worth us getting excited!

Historic American Rivers

Back in the day when my world was small and mostly occupied by people I knew, I was fascinated with the river. As a youth, I remember feeling the water rushing past and my older brother hoping to launch a raft of his own. He wanted to participate in a raft float trip along the Alabama River. I would’ve joined him on the river any time he wanted to launch a raft. Of course, back in those days I couldn’t swim and he couldn’t get permission from our parents.

Then in my early adult years, we boated up the river to fish, swim, and sunbathe. One of our friends chose to spend his hard-earned money on a boat to attract the ladies. I think he sold the boat before finding the love of his life, but we sure did enjoy those weekends full of laughter, sunburns, and the occasional fish.

Just a few years ago, I enjoyed an afternoon on the Showboat Branson Belle at Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. The day was perfect! The weather and sun… delightful memories with friends and family.

ShowboatBransonBelle2 ShowboatBransonBelle

Now, my river visits include a camera and guide book detailing moments in history along the riverbanks. Most recently, I toured Fort Osage along the Missouri River at Sibley, Missouri. The small museum and remnants of the fort make an afternoon visit to the historic site worth the short drive in the out-of-the-way destination. I’m hoping to catch a few pictures of the fort from the river on my river cruise.

The American Queen Steamboat Company offers cruises on the rivers of America. An American river cruise might not seem as glamorous as boarding a cruise ship to the Caribbean or Alaska, but I will enjoy the experience all the same. Maybe a group cruise would be just the ticket.

Easter Island or Robinson Crusoe Island

Easter this year brings to mind many things including tropical destinations like Easter Island. Chile claims two islands, Easter and Robinson Crusoe, as options to destination travelers seeking experiences for nature lovers, adventurers, snorkelers and scuba divers, as well as cultural diversity interested people. Comparing both islands you’ll find several similarities, but mostly differences. Each island boasts a unique presence in the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to unique histories, both islands offer incredible cuisines, sites to behold, and require a plane ride from the mainland. Starting with discovery, the islands offer quite different experiences for visitors. Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeween arrived on Easter Sunday in 1722 which explains the naming by Western cultures. Of course, the Chilean government laid claim to Easter Island in 1888. Approximately 4,000 people live on Easter Island now.1752-1254068739zw5G

Novelist Daniel Defoe inadvertently named the island Robinson Crusoe when his story about the 18th century Englishman Alejandro Selkirk became popular. Selkirk survived as a castoff by his captain after a disagreement at sea. Upon Selkirk’s return to civilization four years later, Defoe captured the imaginations of readers with a vivid story based on Selkirk’s unfortunate experience. Although well-known, the island is sparsely populated and the only island of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago with inhabitants.

If you want to claim that you’ve been to one of the most remote places in the world, go to Easter Island. While you’re there, you should probably see some volcanoes, after all they are inactive so it is a good time. Do some caving; there’s plenty of caves and the island is home to one of the longest on earth. Since you’re going to be sitting in the Pacific Ocean, take a camera to shoot some of your best work on panoramic vistas. Maybe you should consider upgrading your equipment before going to either of these two islands.volcanic-island-rangitoto-auckland

Don’t even consider leaving the island without your photos of Moais, the 26 foot stone statues built by ancient Polynesians to worship their ancestors. Pick one of the more than 600 to choose from and admire these tributes to a culture far different than what we have in the United States. Guided tours by local residents should make you feel very present in the wonders of the distant Pacific Island.

Although not my sports, the surfing and scuba diving around the islands is supposedly excellent. I’ll trust your judgment on those adventures.

My preference leans towards living culture. For example, festivals and craftsmen showing off their skills intrigues me enough to try local foods, buy new garments, and watch intently as people dance, speak, and perform whatever they choose. If given the opportunity, my tours usually include local flora and fauna.

fish-1428265585UodRobinson Crusoe Island hosts 213 native plants, 137 exclusive to the island from centuries of evolution in order to survive successfully after transplantation via air, water, and birds. If you prefer, enjoy beautiful visibility and biodiversity as a scuba diver. Local marine life includes Juan Fernandez lobsters, black urchins, morenas, star fish, brecas, pampanitos, scorpion fish and groupers. Two-haired sea lions call out to me!

Travelers looking to enjoy nature, seeking some adventures, snorkelers and scuba divers, and last but certainly not least, culture lovers will find the islands along the mainland of Chile fascinating and perfect for a visit. As soon as I get enough travel companions to go with me, I’m off to Easter Island!


Most Popular Cruise Port Destination in the World

With more than four million visitors annually, Cozumel Island intrigues me as a possible destination in the Caribbean. As the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel attracts visitors looking for spectacular coral reefs and turquoise water of exceptional clarity in this hemisphere. Jacques Cousteau created a documentary in 1961 causing divers worldwide to add Cozumel to their lists of destinations.

However, approximately 70% of Cozumel’s visitors are non-divers, but the island keeps those visitors busy with many museums, archaeological sites, and nature. As I look at Cozumel, I see a rich history, natural wonders, and an island vibe that any tourist can appreciate. When touring San Miguel, the island’s only city, stop by the Museum of the Island Cozumel. As a resource for anthropological and cultural history, see some artisan demonstrations and try your hand at learning the Mayan language.

If Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel one of the most spectacular scuba diving areas in the world in 1959, I can declare Cozumel as one of the most fabulous places on my bucket list. It seems, among Caribbean island destinations, Cozumel has everything a traveler needs to feel they’ve had a chance to do it all. I want to experience the charms of a pronounced contemporary Mayan culture. Hopefully, a rich heritage of marauding pirates can be seen in my explorations of island coves as well.