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Historic American Rivers

Back in the day when my world was small and mostly occupied by people I knew, I was fascinated with the river. As a youth, I remember feeling the water rushing past and my older brother hoping to launch a raft of his own. He wanted to participate in a raft float trip along the Alabama River. I would’ve joined him on the river any time he wanted to launch a raft. Of course, back in those days I couldn’t swim and he couldn’t get permission from our parents.

Then in my early adult years, we boated up the river to fish, swim, and sunbathe. One of our friends chose to spend his hard-earned money on a boat to attract the ladies. I think he sold the boat before finding the love of his life, but we sure did enjoy those weekends full of laughter, sunburns, and the occasional fish.

Just a few years ago, I enjoyed an afternoon on the Showboat Branson Belle at Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. The day was perfect! The weather and sun… delightful memories with friends and family.

ShowboatBransonBelle2 ShowboatBransonBelle

Now, my river visits include a camera and guide book detailing moments in history along the riverbanks. Most recently, I toured Fort Osage along the Missouri River at Sibley, Missouri. The small museum and remnants of the fort make an afternoon visit to the historic site worth the short drive in the out-of-the-way destination. I’m hoping to catch a few pictures of the fort from the river on my river cruise.

The American Queen Steamboat Company offers cruises on the rivers of America. An American river cruise might not seem as glamorous as boarding a cruise ship to the Caribbean or Alaska, but I will enjoy the experience all the same. Maybe a group cruise would be just the ticket.