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Most Popular Cruise Port Destination in the World

With more than four million visitors annually, Cozumel Island intrigues me as a possible destination in the Caribbean. As the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel attracts visitors looking for spectacular coral reefs and turquoise water of exceptional clarity in this hemisphere. Jacques Cousteau created a documentary in 1961 causing divers worldwide to add Cozumel to their lists of destinations.

However, approximately 70% of Cozumel’s visitors are non-divers, but the island keeps those visitors busy with many museums, archaeological sites, and nature. As I look at Cozumel, I see a rich history, natural wonders, and an island vibe that any tourist can appreciate. When touring San Miguel, the island’s only city, stop by the Museum of the Island Cozumel. As a resource for anthropological and cultural history, see some artisan demonstrations and try your hand at learning the Mayan language.

If Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel one of the most spectacular scuba diving areas in the world in 1959, I can declare Cozumel as one of the most fabulous places on my bucket list. It seems, among Caribbean island destinations, Cozumel has everything a traveler needs to feel they’ve had a chance to do it all. I want to experience the charms of a pronounced contemporary Mayan culture. Hopefully, a rich heritage of marauding pirates can be seen in my explorations of island coves as well.