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Sell more cruise packages with Cruise Social ByGeri!

Travel Agents: Start Selling Cruise Packages Using Social Media

You’ve heard it before… social media is the greatest sales and lead generator since the beginning of time but you need help making it work for you!

The truth is that getting on social media without the skills to make it work is simply a waste of time and even harmful to your professional image.

Effectively marketing yourself on social media takes skills and knowledge that could take several years to acquire. Even if you know what you’re doing, putting all the pieces together can take months. There’s a better way than doing it all alone on your own!

Get your social media working for you with

Cruise Social ByGeri.

Successful travel agents don’t get frustrated with social media, they find out how to fix the problem and get started selling cruise packages.

I want to share with you a proven, professional plan to get a LOT more SALES of cruise and travel packages than what you can do with a trial-and-error approach. Its time to stop avoiding the problem and start fixing it.

Try my proven method of generating sales and leads and go from avoiding the problem to connecting with clients who book travel packages.

You’ll discover…

  1. How to get people to look at your offers and website.
  2. The simple steps that make social media work for you.
  3. That consistency and repeat customers dramatically increase the value of social media.
  4. Social Media marketing pays off in cruise booking after cruise booking.
  5. Social media takes less time than you think to generate lots of sales and leads.

Follow my plan and you’ll be using your social media just like the travel agents making boatloads of bookings year after year. Your travel business won’t be limited to how much advertising money you throw at it.

Its not rocket science. If you can follow simple instructions, you can start generating sales leads from your social media… fast!

Cruise Social ByGeri…. Turning The Internet Into Your Sales and Lead Generating Machine

With the right system in place, you can make sale after sale from the leads generated through your social media.

That’s true…. but getting your system setup right and making sure you didn’t just take on another FULL-TIME JOB is the key.

Didn’t you go into the travel industry because you like traveling?

How can you enjoy the benefits of being in the travel industry when you’re spending all your free time trying to figure out how to get another sale?

It’s your future…

You can continue to experiment with social media until you quit in utter frustration like so many others, or let me help you to get your social media generating sales and leads!

Start Using Social Media Now!

Remember, you’re going to see how all the top travel agents are using social media to make sales. You’re going to start getting your own sales and leads using my system that is:

  • Professional – If you want to be viewed as a professional and get those cruise bookings you’re after, you’ll need to be professional on social media.
  • Turnkey – All you need to do is start using social media like it was meant to be used. You can do this for FREE.
  • Step-by-step – There’s a system to getting sales and leads from social media and there’s no reason you can’t have a system that works too!
  • Exclusive – Every part of your social media system will be original and created exclusively to use for your cruise and travel social media marketing.

Cruise Social ByGeri is me helping you.

It’s everything you need to make social media work for you… I can’t wait to show you!

There’s nothing better than having a professional in the back room churning out sales lead after sales lead booking cruise packages every time you turn around.

And, you know that’s not going to happen!

Why not get the next best thing? Use your social media to connect with travelers ready to book their cruise packages with you!

Start Making Social Media Work For You!

Cruise Social ByGeri is a complete ready-to-go social media plan.

If you can follow simple instructions, you’ll be able to use your own completely integrated social media to develop your own leads and sales!


  • Content for your Blog
  • Posts for your Facebook
  • Tweets for your Twitter
  • Pins for your Pinterest

Your Own Unstoppable Lead Machine

You’ll develop followers… people who want to see what comes next!

Social Media Followers:  an audience to see your sales offers and crave your expertise. They’ll want to know more about your business.

That’s who you want to talk to!

In business….timing is everything.

You can’t wait until the day after your client booked with another travel agent to start talking up your wonderful offers and service. You’ve got to get in there and be the only travel agent they would ever consider booking their cruise through before anybody else even knows they exist!

That’s what your social media can do for you and you need to get in front of these travelers before the competition does or you’re going to miss out on those sales.

Travelers are booking cruise packages through travel agents they meet on social media every day. Be one of those travel agents!

You’re not alone. I’ll help you.

To have a working social media system in place, you’re going to need:

  • Blog Content

  • Facebook Posts

  • Twitter Tweets

  • Pinterest Pins

And you’re going to need a simple plan to do this right the first time! You want to grab your leads and make sales to them consistently over time. Now, start making your social media work for you.

Cruise Social ByGeri is completely FREE!

Let me clarify that for you… I don’t charge anything for Cruise Social ByGeri.

You don’t even need to give me your name or email address. I’m not going to send you any emails or call you.

So, what’s the catch?

  1. Purchase some of the products and services I recommend
  2. Make a donation once in awhile to help me cover expenses
  3. Say good things about me on social media

I make recommendations to products and services at the end of the pages and my PayPal donation link is located at the bottom of the page near my photo. This is a pretty straightforward arrangement.

Get Cruise Social ByGerihere!

You won’t be disappointed! Cruise Social ByGeri is simple to use! See you on social media!

Geri Lawhon… Making Social Media Easy For Travel Agents