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Are Your Communication Skills Good Enough For Social Media?

Never before has written communication become so important in promoting a business using the latest and greatest tools of the time. Social media is best delivered from the heart…. your passionate heart that shows how you feel about your business and the customers you serve. Small business promotion has come full circle.

A long time ago, small business owners simply rode a horse over to the neighbors and shared their business idea with everybody in the vicinity. Technology, print publications and television, twisted small business into something of a dirty word and business owners tried to hide their true size and identity behind a facade of “big business”. They used voice mail, post office boxes, and articles of incorporation to promote the idea they were another big player on the field.

As the big business concept morphed into a faceless building with poor customer service and gatekeepers, the internet gave customers access to an entire world of small business owners offering their passions to everybody. Small business owners started sharing their business idea with their neighbors again, albeit the neighbors live all over the world.

Think about your social media as a tool to share your business with your neighbors.

You need to talk to them. Your social media communications shouldn’t give you the heebie-jeebies. If you’re anxious every time the opportunity comes to promote yourself and your business on social media, then maybe this is a good time to take the fear out of it. I’ll share some of my experiences and what I learned that helped me go confidently forward with social media.

Take the fear out of it, but keep going! You don’t need to be Shakespeare or a great American writer and you certainly don’t need to be a so-called marketing genius to effectively promote yourself on social media. You do, however, need to be literate.

Grab a grammar book or a book on writing for business to refresh your memory on the basic concepts of written communications if you need it.

Just because you haven’t written anything on a piece of paper since high school doesn’t mean you should let your business flounder. Brush up on some old skills and learn some new ones. There’s nothing wrong with taking a writing class at the community college or joining a local writing club to boost your confidence.

Just remember, on social media you’re telling your potential clients what you offer and how you offer it. Stay focused on the main bullet points that you want them to know and you’ll be okay. A good word processing software like Microsoft Word includes grammar and spell check features for these times.

My final word on the subject of social media communication skills is simple. You’re representing yourself so be yourself! You’ll have spelling mistakes, typos, and all the faux pas that make you an individual, but you’ll also have customers who love you and what you bring to the table.

Put your voice and your uniqueness out there for the world to appreciate.

If your client wants only what a big corporation gives, they were never your happy client so let them go. Use your social media to attract the clients who are looking for the service YOU offer.