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Does Every Travel Agent Needs A Blog?

Before we begin making sure you have a blog and developing this important part of your social media marketing campaign, let’s make sure we understand them.

Blogs started out as a method of keeping a record of information that others might want to reference from time to time, primarily in the scientific community using the internet back in the early days.

geralt / Pixabay

Now, blogs serve many purposes in a variety of industries at all skill and management levels. However, experts across the board recommend all businesses consider them as a vital tool to improve the customer service experience, whether those customers are internal or external. Fortunately, blogging technology continues to improve efficiency and aids for amateur blog users.

Blogs allow us to reach a lot of people at the same time to communicate ideas and share information. Your blog might relay one or all of these types of information:

  • Personal opinions and thoughts.
  • Facts, observations, and ponderings.
  • Resources and related materials.
  • Future endeavors, objectives and goals.

Blog visitors, random or intentional, use cues you provide to determine if your relevance could satisfy their immediate or future needs.

Your blog could position you as a hard-core, skilled authority in your industry or it could present you as a fun-loving, friendly professional. Personally, I’d love to be thought of as a fun-loving, skilled authority. There’s no need to worry about being anything other than yourself in the blogosphere. Just keep in mind that blogs are meant and do usually become permanent records.

Two distinct types of blogs prevail on the internet.

Magazine/newspaper style blogs present up-to-the-minute or the latest-and-greatest type of information, usually in abundance. Similar to offline publications, they require a great deal of work to maintain with any sort of success. You can readily identify them by the large number of articles available for your reading pleasure. Time Magazine is an example of this type of blog.

Topical blogs build a body of knowledge over time to demonstrate an expertise in a certain topic. These types of blogs are more manageable for individuals and smaller businesses to maintain. Easily recognize this type of blog by the number of contributors, available content, and narrow focus on a topic. certainly represents a topical blog as well as any. I’m sharing my life and work with you all.

When envisioning your social media objectives and potential, you’ll need to be realistic. Cruise Social ByGeri builds your social media around an awareness of practicality. In other words, you’ll be using a topical approach on your blog so you don’t need to give up the rest of your world for the sake of the blog. That’s silly.

Your blog will give them a way of deciding if they want to talk with you for assistance with their travels.

So, you’re going to build a topical blog that shows people a little about you and what you offer. All things being equal, this will help you distinguish yourself from all the other travel agents out there. You are unique and you want to start building your social media around that uniqueness to generate your leads and sales.

Just one more thought on blogs and any other type of social media. People like and share you with their friends and business partners because they want to give others something of value. They either want to give you access to their valuable relationship connections or they want to give their connections something of value…you.

Our relationships will always be important even if the internet changed the way sales and marketing works technically. Its not a bad idea to look at how the guru’s of influencing people view the digital age. Investing in your communication skills will help you on social media, during sales calls, and in your travels.