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Has Your Social Media Ship Sailed Already?

Let’s talk about how you’re shooting yourself in the foot with stale social media content. Instead of trying to create fresh, new content every time you turn around, create something of lasting value and throw in, at appropriate times, some dated content.

Evergreen – Perennially fresh and interesting; enduring.

You’ll save yourself from an amazing amount of stress and avoidance. That’s right. If you set your social media up to require a constant dribble of fresh, newly created content, then you’ll quickly burn out trying to keep up.

By sticking with an evergreen social media campaign, you’ll be able to focus your time and energy on your clients needing your immediate attention rather than a dried up social media effort.

Let’s look at the two most common questions about going evergreen on your social media content.

#1 Isn’t all my content on the internet evergreen since it never goes away?

No, just putting content on the internet does not make it evergreen. There is a place and time for evergreen content just like there is a time and place for dated content that is meant for the moment. Knowing the difference and how to best use each type of content will help your social media efforts.

#2 Does all the social media content need to be evergreen?

Absolutely not! Your social media content needs to provide what your clients are looking forward to finding when they seek you out. Remember, you’re not putting together a social media campaign to be on social media. You’re offering something of value to your customers. They’ll show their appreciation for your worthiness in sales later.

The first step in going evergreen is to remove the date on your blog posts unless time is relevant. In other words, if the information is relevant for the next five years, last year, and this year, you might want to drop the implication the post is outdated with a date.

If you can’t figure out how to delete the date or don’t have access to that feature on your blog or other social media, simply make an update and refresh the content. Put that on your calendar!

Just like price implies value or quality, dates imply relevance and timeliness. Potential customers scour the internet and their social media accounts looking for the latest and greatest, not last years old stuff…. unless they’re searching for antiques or something historically relevant. Present yourself as outdated and lose sales.

Is your current blog platform presenting you as outdated and stale?

Maybe you should consider updating your internet presence with a fresh new look. I’ve got some insider tips to share with you about maintaining a fresh presentation on social media. If you’re using a corporate site, you’ll have to ask yourself if the look of the corporate site and your clientele match up. Your success depends on your ability to present yourself in a way that your clients find attractive.  Some very successful travel agents use the corporate website and others venture off onto their own personalized website or blog. Just make sure that you love how your web presence represents you.

I’d be happy to take a look at your internet presence. Just ask for help!