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Using Cruise Social ByGeri Successfully

Cruise Social ByGeri is about improving your social media marketing. For you, that could simply mean taking the burden of planning your social media efforts off your plate so that you can focus on quoting and booking your clients. However, it could mean that you need some training to build your skills and confidence using social media as a tool to generate sales and leads for cruise and travel packages.

I spent nearly five years trying to master booking cruise packages from my social media efforts. The sales were so close that I knew it was just a matter of time, but at the same time those sales always proved unbelievably impossible until I learned how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

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It doesn’t matter where you are today.

Just keep working on improving your social media skills and you’ll soon book more cruise packages than you can manage. Knowing your potential keeps me excited and delighted to help you!

Before going any further, you should already have the basic accounts setup and ready to go. If you need to open and/or setup your account(s), you should do that as soon as possible.

Become familiar with your social media account features and functions so that you can easily incorporate everything from Cruise Social ByGeri into your social media. Cruise Social ByGeri is designed to help you develop sales and leads from your social media. I assume that you already have basic knowledge and skills to use the internet, your computer, and social media as an average user.

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Cruise Social ByGeri is not about advertising on social media. Social media is a place to connect with other people. Talk to them, talk with them, be one of them. Think of social media as a giant room filled with people who will likely travel somewhere at some point in the future. In that room, you could put up an advertisement on the wall or you could start engaging in conversation and develop a sales lead that might book tomorrow. If you put up an ad, you’ll pay for it and get the typical results for an ad. If you jump in and get social, you’ll improve your odds immensely.

Social media is a place to connect with other people.

So, let’s jump in by making sure you have the tools you need. The most basic of social media marketing tools is the planner. I’m sure you’ve already got a planner for your day, but I’m not talking about your day. I’m talking about planning your social media to be effective which means not looking at your calendar and fitting social media into an already jam-packed schedule.

You’re going to plan your social media… period. This is completely different than planning your day so you’ll need a planner for your social media. Once you have a plan for that day’s social media, you’ll be able to schedule it into your day. The monthly planners are nice so you can easily see from a bird’s eye view the missing pieces in your plan.

Make sure you’ve got a planner ready now because we’re going to be using it very soon. If you don’t have an empty planner lying around, order one so you’ll have it soon. No sense in waiting until the last minute when you know you need something.