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Sell more cruise packages with Cruise Social ByGeri!

Welcome To Cruise Social ByGeri

Welcome to the program designed to help travel agents turn their social media into a sales and lead generating machine!

First, you can rest assured that I am providing the highest quality service intended to accomplish one thing… help you get more sales and leads from your social media, the least expensive way to advertise on the internet.

The most popular social media accounts are still not charging a fee, yet you can reach an incredible number of people just by using them right. You can make an amazing amount of money simply selling to your connections on social media. The philosophy is simple.

Huskyherz / Pixabay

Use technology to connect with other people and become a resource for them to use, share, and promote.

Second, social media requires a social aspect or else it fails every time. The secret to social media is simple; it cannot replace human interaction craved by so many using the media. You must be willing to talk to people, share a piece of yourself, and be authentic to make sales or develop a lead pipeline of any kind.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of picking up the phone, emailing a stranger, or responding to a post or tweet. Your social media will never do it all for you. YOU are the essential element that makes your social media work well in developing leads into sales. I don’t care what anybody says; there is no magic bullet… just a little work that looks so easy because of all the hard work behind the scenes.

Finally, forget about competing for the best spot on the search engines. There is a lot of competition for those top spots by some big hitters with deep pockets and full-time departments devoted to the cause. You can make plenty of sales through social media using virtually $0.

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Compete for the cruise bookings where you can actually win a couple of clients… through your unique proposition. Use your personality and the reasons why they should go with you instead of another travel agent. If you don’t know why they should choose you over another travel agent, we’ll work on that in the training to improve your prospects on social media.

Just remember that this first couple of months using social media to generate sales and leads is the baby phase where you’re learning the basics. You’ll be busier than you can imagine soon enough. Until then, focus on one step at a time by going to the next page in my list.

I’m going to help you build social media followers, some of whom will become leads and then sales for you.

If you’re the type of person who learns new processes better with a pen and paper in hand, this is the time to grab yours and begin taking notes. I suggest keeping a notebook or journal to make notes along the way so you can repeat what needs repeating and avoid what doesn’t.

Let’s get started!