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Bring your community to life with mySocial ByGeri!

What To Expect From Cruise Social ByGeri

Cruise Social ByGeri is action-packed with steps to take to get you up and running in the realm of social media. Expect to do some tasks and learn a ton of information that prepares you for a successful future developing leads and sales from social media!

Your Cruise Social ByGeri program guides you through developing your first Blog post, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins, and Press Releases. We’ll examine other social media that you might want to consider branching into at a later date.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Along the way, you’ll develop an eye for good social media promotion, know when and how to chime in on a social media account you’re using and develop your online branding strategy. There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable using the available tools of the trade and social media certainly qualifies as a travel agent’s tool of the trade!

This is a basic foundation and a lot of hard-earned experience you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll start with the foundation of all your social media and once we have that piece established, we’ll build a campaign around it. You’ll see that your social media will be easier once we build your foundation for the campaign.

Next, we’ll focus on your best resources for leads and sales, remembering that all will be lost if we don’t appreciate the other end of the social media, your future clients booking travel. As we progress through the steps of Cruise Social ByGeri, you should start to feel confident, knowledgeable, and basically in charge of your social media.

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Before long, you’ll move from taking the steps I show you to designing your own path to boatloads of happy travelers booking cruise packages with you. Using social media to develop leads and turning them into sales proves predictable and reliable every day when you know the secret formula.

You’re getting a thorough examination of social media with practical steps to get things going quickly. Benefiting from the experience of others, your social media campaign will develop into a full-blown branding experience with less effort than most so-called experts put into their campaigns. Travelers can’t wait to book their packages through a skilled travel planner and your social media will begin to demonstrate your expertise.

Are you ready to get started?

We’re going to start working on the foundation piece to your social media marketing, but first, do you have all the tools you need to be successful?

Sometimes the hardest part about using your social media to promote your business is accepting that people, your fans and supporters, want to see you! They want to know you. I never liked seeing myself in photos, but this isn’t about you as much as your clients and future clients. So… put your photo out there!

DanielleTunstall / Pixabay

I recommend getting a selfie stick, tripod and stabilizer to take along with you on your adventures. Incorporating your own photos into your social media helps turn your posts and tweets into conversations. Stabilizers make your videos much easier to watch and you certainly want engaging, good quality videos for your followers.

If you’re not a fan of seeing yourself in photos, like me, go ahead and invest in software to manipulate images so they look acceptable to you. Turn your images into anything. Put a banner over your thighs. Take out red-eye and erase a couple of wrinkles here and there. Your photos don’t need to be the ugliest images you can find. Just put some photos of yourself on your social media! Be social!