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Welcome, my friend!

Thank you for visiting my website discussing the secrets and mysteries of money and ability… the ability to retire and live without the given rule book.

In my job, social circles, and personal experiences, I see plenty of people with a nice, healthy savings to get them through retirement. I also see plenty with nothing, maybe even a negative starting point on their finances because of debt. The advice to save just isn’t practical or possible.

Circumstances can change in an instant and often do for people. One day the world is sunny and bright, the next day all is gloom and doom.

My goal is to retire asap, but definitely within 10 years. And there’s nothing like getting it done with nothing but a can-do attitude and the internet. Let’s do this!

But, before we get started:

By day, I’m in sales. I’ll be sharing my expertise since many people start side gigs and take on part-time jobs requiring some sales skills to afford retirement. Nobody lives a successful, fulfilling life without other people involved in many, yet different, ways. We’re interconnected and depend on each other.

If you’re new to sales, you’ll find something of benefit in my blog that will make your life easier and happier. Whether part-time or full-time, sales can be very lucrative. Don’t ever doubt that!

As far as facing retirement with little to no savings, the all-knowing internet seems to be the first stop for many. Now, we all know if you give the most cursory glance around the internet, you’ll find plenty of resources available to you. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good resource for people free falling retirement.

The reason you’re going to be disappointed looking around the internet for help is simple. Those information websites and promotions are designed to make the people putting it out there money. They make money off of you which is fine. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I have a problem with you believing that you’re going to solve your problem with somebody else’s solution.

You’ve got to design your own solution based on where you are and what you have as tools to solve the problems.

It’s time to tackle the problem, improve the situation, and make a dramatic difference… Let’s do this! 

To sum it all up:

My blog isn’t meant for timid and scared rule-followers. I hope to move your thought processes to a more advanced level of critically thinking. It’ll be provocative and challenging to think a little differently than the average person.

Enjoy reading, clicking, thinking and sharing!

To your fabulously successful navigation to retirement!

Geri Lawhon

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