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I’m very excited to announce the next upcoming ByGeri Webinar!

Consider joining me on a Webinar designed exclusively for my ByGeri visitors. Since many part-time and side gigs require some personal selling, I think you’ll find this webinar very helpful.

This ByGeri Webinar addresses a specific problem so that you can start taking actions and achieve better results very quickly. The topic, sales and personal selling, covers the biggest hurdle… closing enough deals.

ByGeri Webinar:

Personal Selling – Double Your Sales!

This beginner level webinar is probably my favorite because the subject is extremely personal to me. I’ve paid many, many bills over the years using my personal selling skills. Actually, I found sales to be an exciting way to spend the day. Making sales can be fun! If you’re not having fun making sales, you’re doing it wrong.

Personal Selling: Go beyond value bullet points and really connect with your prospective buyers.

I’ll provide techniques that make personal selling less stressful for both sides of the table. I’m also going to show you a proven system to design a successful presentation. This will help you turn “no” and “maybe” responses into “Definitely YES!” sales.

You’ll also benefit from the ability to tailor the length of your presentation to the situation so you don’t need to reschedule when time is short or when interruptions force you into uncharted territories.

Promoting Yourself: Develop a plan to successfully reconnect with a potential buyer at a later date.

Sometimes the best time to close a deal is another day. There’s nothing more discouraging than knowing a sale was lost because you tried to rekindle that connection poorly. We’ll discuss the right and wrong ways to stay connected and how to reconnect with someone you lost contact with previously. We also need to cover how you should determine the real value of reconnecting with those contacts.

Also included in the webinar will be methods of determining when to stop a presentation or keep going and how to close the sale. You’ll want to make sure that your good reputation becomes a great reputation and that happens through taking appropriate actions depending on the situation.

ByGeri Webinar:

Personal Selling – Double Your Sales!

Saturday December 30, 2017 at 3pm.

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself? What better way to start the New Year?

Be proactive and register!

Cost:  $10

Since this is about helping you, I only charge a nominal fee of $10 to cover the cost of making it available to you.

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Step 3:  Take notes and put what you learn into action!

I know that you’ll find the information absolutely beneficial and that’s why I’m making the ByGeri Webinars for you at the minimal cost… to help you.

That’s it. Watch for the next Webinar!

*If the webinar is cancelled for any reason, you’ll receive a full refund.


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