Making Indispensable Me

Sometimes we get lucky and think the luck could really be a sign of things to come or the way to proceed. Trust me when I say that those lucky sales and falling into a great opportunity because your price is so competitive usually ends up being a hit and a miss.

If the only thing you offer that is different from the competition is a lower price, then your customers can always find a lower price elsewhere. Customers value several components in products and services, price being one of them.

Other valuable considerations include prompt, reliable service, friendliness, trustworthy providers, cleanliness, etc. An infinite number of possible combinations of value points could be put together to make you and your offer a unique and worthy option.

One factor to consider when looking at an opportunity comes from whether you’re a good fit. For example, a person selling Avon’s products probably shouldn’t be allergic to perfumes. If you peddle Pampered Chef, you might want to consider how much time you’re willing to spend talking about cooking, food, and kitchen gadgets.

The better the fit, the more fun the work will be for you. Imagine yourself as a successful promoter of those goods and services, would you be happy about it or wishing you’d gone with something different?

Make yourself indispensable by asking yourself what you have that they want or need.

Becoming indispensable shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re willing to do a little of the foundation work.

By building a solid foundation you’ll lose that fear and intimidation because you’re the one they need. You’re the highly skilled person with something to offer. You’ll gain status and weight in the eyes of the customer.

You’ll always be essential if you take the time to build your influence:

Make recommendations – informed and thoughtful recommendations.

Establish long-term value based on a growing expertise in the field.

Develop rules and boundaries backed by a scarcity in the market.

Here’s the bottom line, offer up something of value. By developing your value through knowledge and a unique or unusual service, you can grow your client base and your sales from recommendations. You want referrals because you have more to offer than the competition.

I learned the more I know, the less I know.

In other words, as you become an expert, you discover that there’s more to learn and that is where you begin making yourself indispensable. Your ever-growing knowledge turns into an arsenal, an array of resources, at your disposal when a potential customer starts to say no or when the competition attempts to steal your customer.

Now, go be indispensable before somebody else does!

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