Making Yourself Relevant – FOREVER!

Forever is a long time, but I certainly want to be relevant for my entire life. I can’t imagine anybody who dreams of fading into the background with seemingly no value, although I do know a couple of gals who prefer to go unnoticed and fly under the radar. But, there’s no flying under the radar when you’ve got something to promote.

Ultimately, you’re the one person who determines your relevance, your value,  your worth. You are the end of the road for relevance…the buck stops with you. Get yourself a little sign that says, “The Buck stops here!” President Harry Truman had one made to sit on his desk and referenced the phrase during at least one speech. Taking responsibility for your relevance frees you to do as you see fit when it comes to making sure everybody knows where you stand. And, that is a very good thing.

This whole thought makes me think of my dentist. I guarantee you he knows his value and never had people wondering why he rented office space. I also would bet money that he never started selling wine club memberships, vitamins, and scented candles in the waiting room. He is committed to dentistry and he can rattle off a long list of reasons you should see your dentist regularly.

The dentist knows his value and sets up shop, so to speak, with intention because he spent an appropriate amount of time and energy getting the training, acquiring the skills, and learning about his trade. If you know your stuff, you have value. Do you know what you’re doing? If you did, you could write a value list that you bring to the table.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hurt yourself and somebody else. It could very well be your fault if something goes wrong!

Whatever you do, do it properly. Learn to evaluate your offer and compare it in the marketplace. Take control of what you offer and make sure you provide high value packages to your customers, every time. When you do these things, a great promotional launch might be about the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Speaking of customers, are you still carrying around a business card? That business card of yours might be a relevance demonstration problem. Maybe we need to talk about the relevance of your business card. Do you need one? Why do you give them to people?

Have you considered the possibility that handing out business cards is killing your chance of being viewed as relevant.

Ever heard of electronic business cards? Might want to look at those before wasting time redesigning your excessively cluttered business card meant to provide people with a way to reach you. (They were never really tiny billboards.)

After you re-imagine your business card, let’s take a second look at your website… just for fun.

Practically everybody is on the internet now! That being said, what you could get away with years ago is not going to fly anymore. Trying to impress people with your big-business looking website falls flat these days. That’s because customers want the real deal.

Stop trying to look bigger than reality. Offer your products and services in a straightforward manner with a website that presents information they’re looking to find in a clean, uncluttered way. You might want to eliminate the pages that don’t really say anything. Each page on a website has a purpose or it should. By the way, a contact page shouldn’t prohibit people from contacting you by requiring a 90 question survey and a novella.

The foundation of your relevance to customers and why they do business with you is determined by what you carry in your heart as your own relevance.

Your website should blatantly market YOU. Modern tools should be in place to promote you… dump the paper business cards! Figure out what you know inside and out and then boldly exclaim your value.

Don’t forget to put some real photos and videos of yourself out there!



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