My Sewing Companion Sabrina

Introducing Our Model… Sabrina

My Dog Sabrina

Sabrina is a Bichpoo (Bichon Poodle mix). She’s also only about 8 1/2 pounds so she’s a small, friendly dog with quite the personality. You can see how small she is from the photos. She’s the model for my dog costumes. Oh, just so you know, I didn’t name her.

Sabrina was adopted as a prison dog and I would recommend donating or adopting through them. Check out Safe Harbor Prison Dogs if you’re looking for a great dog to adopt.

Sabrina is always home perfectly content to live in a small world blissfully ignorant of all that is out there. I think she’s seen enough to know that she’s got a great place to call home and a “Mom” who loves her.

She watches me work on my sewing projects with just the right amount of interest, but not too much to be annoying. She stands next to me as I cut out fabric at the table or sits nearby as I sometimes must rip seams. She never gets annoyed at my mistakes and doesn’t seem to care if I hit my self-imposed project deadlines.

As my loving little companion, I know I’m responsible for her well-being so I take great care to ensure that she doesn’t get into anything unsafe while I’m sewing. I’m just as careful with her as with my children when they were young.

What To Expect From Our Model

Geri and Sabrina

I’ve been thinking about the costumes I want to make for Sabrina to model and keep in her closet. I have to admit that I plan to make some lightweight (summertime) costumes appropriate for the warmer temperatures as well as the expected winter protection. These are costumes more than winter weather gear but, you’ll have to wait and see what I create for her.

This whole train of thought brings to mind the day Sabrina got into lipstick. You can only imagine what a tube of red lipstick and a young white dog look like after a few minutes of play. Too busy cleaning up the mess to take photos that day.

I’ve made costumes for my kids to wear as they were growing up, but I never thought about how fun it could be to make costumes for the dog. Of course, I think the natural challenges will be where my creativity might shine the most. Sabrina is a great companion and I believe she’ll be a fabulous model as well.

I’m very much looking forward to this new direction for my sewing. I hope you enjoy watching as Sabrina and I dive right into this new adventure together.


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