Sewing Machine Sticker Shock

Back In The Day

Back in the early 70’s, I took my first sewing lessons during summer break from elementary school. I’d go to the back room at the sewing machine store in the mall and let the nice lady who seemed to know everything about fabric, notions, and sewing machines show me the basics. I loved spending the hot Alabama afternoons in the air conditioned store pressing on that foot to make the machine whir.

My mom eventually let me use her sewing machine to create dresses from scrap fabrics for my little sister’s naked dolls. And, I naturally ended up in Home Economics sewing class.

Fast forward a few years to the early 80’s when I made a Bride’s Maid dress for my best friend’s wedding. Penny’s wedding was beautiful and homemade. I was honored to be part of the occasion.

Back in those days, my apartment was tiny and so was my sewing budget. I loved working on those projects for my little place. After a few years, the time to upgrade came about and I spent an extraordinary amount of money on a new sewing machine… $500. That was maybe 25 years ago and I still use that machine today.

Fast Forward To Today

Now, my sewing machine works just fine and I’m not unhappy with it at all. I might need to oil it and probably plan to change the light bulb but I can’t complain about the machine. But…. this is where the whole story of my website starts coming together.

My rolly cart sewing center.

I went to the fabric store trying to get a couple of ideas for something to sew. I don’t need any projects for the home, my kids are grown, and there’s only so many quilts to make before I lose my mind from boredom. (I think I’ve exhausted any interest I had in mass production when it comes to piecing quilt blocks.)

As I wondered around the store, the sewing machines caught my eye. WOW!

I’m in shock! Needless to say, I want a new sewing machine but I’m still in sticker shock.

My wonderful machine lives on the rolly cart ready, whenever I am, to set up on the table and start sewing away. Until recently, I lived totally oblivious that it compares to the novice level machines for today’s “sewist”. Apparently, there are new words to describe the sewing machine user as well as incredible new machines available to us.

I guess while I focused on my kids and career, sewing for amateurs took a giant leap forward.

However, during my conversation with the saleslady, I learned that there is a market for costumes! I had no idea people would be interested in costumes if I wanted to make them. I love making costumes! Voila!

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