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#IsItMe … Deciding if it suits you and your purpose.


What is

This website exists to combine the things I enjoy doing into one big project to share with people I might like to meet someday. I’m going to create costumes for my dog to wear and document my experience. I hope you enjoy!

My ultimate Goal?

Create beautiful and fun costumes for my dog to wear. Document my experiences, share information, and become a resource for costume loving dog people. Develop wonderful relationships with people I get to know along the way.

This is my Hobby.

Geri Lawhon

Forgive me if you find my website isn’t professionally presented at all times and if you find my skills are less than highly advanced. I am not presenting myself as a professional in any way on this project.¬†These things I do for pleasure during my free time.

The photos, videos, projects, etc. presented on my website are my own creation and/or those of family and friends used with their permission. They are for your enjoyment while on my website.

Thank you for visiting. Come back soon!

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