The 30 Second Elevator Pitch Myth

Recently, I read that Mark Murphy of Vacation Agent magazine asked travel agents, “If you only had 30 seconds to communicate something about your business to a new prospect, how would you do so convincingly?”

That’s a great question for people focused on chasing prospects, an old-fashioned business model where sales are made by making phone calls and forcing people who get caught to listen. I always imagine a lion chasing a gazelle and then slowly, very slowly, killing it.

Today, let me propose a new business model where people interested in what you offer look for you or inquire and ask questions.

Is the 30 second elevator pitch still relevant?

That elevator pitch, the tiny presentation, the brand, and the essence of what you do should be communicated, but not in an elevator or to some bystander caught in an imaginary circumference of your physical body. Everybody entering your visual space shouldn’t be a target for your pitch!

Tip:  Successful business people don’t bring up what they offer or do for a living to everybody they meet because they don’t need or want everyone to buy.

The reason these elevator pitchers exist is a lack of KNOWLEDGE. They don’t know how to get customers coming to them. They don’t want to be in that position, but they’re in it doing their best to make things work.

Making clients and customers chase after you is no small challenge, but it can be done.

You’ve got better things to do than practice a sales pitch in the mirror, honing it into the most perfect 30 second spiel of your life!

By all means extend an invitation to people you happen to run into who might be interested in your stuff, but spend your precious time gaining invaluable knowledge that leads to a better path.

Your potential clients and customers will either jump on your offer or decide to self-eliminate themselves after they find out what makes you a passionate advocate. Maybe the first step to becoming a passionate advocate is to decide who you are and what you offer.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the gazelle? Imagine being chased by that lion with a debit card ready for swiping because you’ve got something he wants to buy. That’s a lot better than being the lion loosening up his vocal cords in front of the mirror with that 30 second elevator pitch.

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